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If you are starting a laser tag business, or looking to update the equipment for your existing, Adventure Sports HQ provides the world’s most stable and reliable laser tag equipment on the market! This means less downtime, fewer problems and more importantly, happier customers.  All this translates to higher profit margins and smoother operations for you, whether location or mobile based.

Mobile Laser Tag Equiment

Mobile Laser Tag Business

The mobile laser tag business is one of the most popular to start. This is a business model where you take your laser tag equipment to an offsite location. The operator facilitates a series of small skirmish battles over a set period.

Eighty percent of all laser tag businesses globally are mobile operations. The average mobile laser tag business generates between $250-$500 for a two-hour event.

Laser Tag equipment for your fixed location facility

Facility or Fixed Business Tag

This is a business model where the equipment is kept on location in a fixed indoor facility or outdoor battlefield. Missions may range from 10-150 players. The average revenue per player per day can range from $25-$50 for one or two hour sessions.

With many big-box retailers and malls closing, large retail spaces are easier to obtain for Facility Laser Tag Businesses with attractive rental pricing.

Drive in or Drop off

In this model, you take your equipment and drop off at a set location for a short period of time. This model allows the owner to drop gear at multiple locations generating multiple sources of revenue over the same period. A very popular hands-off model that is very similar to the inflatable rental business.

Additionally, you may allow pickup at your facility if you have a retail or warehouse space.

Better laser tag equipment builds better businesses

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Laser Tag Business Advice

We take pride in our laser tag equipment.

But our main satisfaction comes from the number of business we have helped. Hundreds of companies have turned to ASHQ for their equipment, from large corporate entities that ordered guns by the pallet, to the couple that wanted to supplement their retirement income and create a job for one of their grandchildren.  This industry has been a profitable and sustainable model for years, and we are proud to be one of the driving forces in it.

We welcome you to read our articles on the business of tagger rentals, both mobile laser tag, and facility laser tag models. Spend your next drive into work listening to one of our podcasts, or browse our YouTube videos.

Take a look through our Frequently Asked Questions, then decide what type of Laser Tag Business you want to own. Gather up your questions and give us a call.  Let us share the experience of years of not only making laser tag equipment for facilities but running one ourselves.

We want to share our passion

The one thing that really makes Adventure Sports HQ unique is we are not just a manufacturer, we also own the largest laser tag business in the area, D2 Tactical Laser Tag.

We started out as a laser tag field that was not happy with the existing equipment that was available, so we went on a mission to create superior products. We have now been creating and selling gear for over 15 years and still run our laser tag field!  This is the perfect environment for us to fine-tune our technology, watch the interaction of our guests with the equipment. Make sure all the bugs are out and it is true and tested by the ones that really count – not our engineers… our customers; kids, families, bachelor parties, etc. 

Our passion for the game has never been stronger, and we would love to share it with you!