What is Mobile Laser Tag?

Mobile Laser Tag

Mobile laser tag is a full-service laser tag experience brought right to your location. Full service means the operator will set up the battlefield, acting as the armorer, issue equipment and facilitate missions. A successful mobile laser tag business uses only commercial grade laser tag equipment.

For the operator to be profitable, it’s important to set up and disassemble the equipment as quickly as possible, and with the least amount of staff. The operator will then set up the battlefield on location using natural terrain, cover, or bunkers to play out laser tag missions.


Guns for Mobile Laser Tag
Laser Tag Mobile

How Mobile Games Work.

Players work together as a unit or squad against the opposing team. Most games are team-based and ensure that players work as a cohesive unit to accomplish an objective such as capturing a stronghold. The ages required for participation range from 4 years old to adult. Since every game is completely unique, mobile laser tag has a very high percentage of return customers and customer loyalty.

Equipment plays a considerable role in the profitability of the operation and should be simple, user-friendly and highly reliable. Turn around for every game should be quick and efficient, with limited downtime between sessions. Overall, mobile laser tag has the highest margin of profitability of all the laser tag business models available. The average amount that every player pays for 2 hours of mobile laser tag is $25-$35 per person or $150 – $250 per hour for a group.