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Razorback Pro Battle Rifle

The Razorback Pro Battle Rifle is a sleek, rugged, fully composite laser tagger made from space-age composite material used in precision firearms. The Razorback is designed to do the heavy lifting in any laser tag armory. Simply put, this is the best laser tag gun in the world. The Razorback is exceptionally durable and well designed. It comes with a lifetime shell warranty and has up to a four-year warranty on the internals. Everyone loves the Razorback and for its low price point, you will too.

Colors Available in Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, and Red

  • Weight:  1.2 lbs 
  • Length:  17” long 
  • Height:   9.5” tall 
  • Width:   1.75” wide 
  • Lens Diameter: 40 mm Lens Size