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Impressive Software Features designed with a 15-year-old operator in mind!

Adventure Sports HQ offers the world’s most advanced software features specifically designed to generate a high Return on Investment (ROI). We focus on features that were specifically designed to enhance the player experience without complicating the operation of our equipment. We call our system, “Revolution” because it goes against the grain of all current laser tag manufacturers tactical or indoor by focusing on reliability, flexibility, and simplicity with software that is controlled 100% on a single straightforward monitor or laptop screen.

Software Features

A simple self-installed program that runs on any Windows 10 laptop with Intel I-3 processor or above. Please note ASHQ equipment also has the ability to run fully featured without the need of a software platform, though it will not have all the features available to the full Revolution system with the added Game Management Software (GMS).

Critical for Mobile Operators!
The software does not require an expensive laptop that has tons of resources and memory. The heavy lifting of the software is at the tagger level with each tagger having an independent processor.

Can work with up to 6 separate monitors or screens for Team Viewing Monitors and Scoreboards and End of Game Scoring. (Just Requires HDMI outs and TV Screen or Monitor for each additional Screen)

The software can be remotely updated or serviced using a Screen share program like Team Viewer in less than 5 minutes.

Fully supported by the remote tech team nearly 24/7 globally.

The software has error tracking and bug detection built-in to ensure if there is a problem we will know when we log into your system from remote.

The software is fully encrypted and authenticated. We protect your computer and investment.

Critical for Mobile Operators!
A Simple USB2.0 plug-in Rf control unit powers the ASHQ taggers and props through our software. All hardware is simple plug and play, with full self-authentication and hardware detection. Our Rf Control unit has a diameter of 800 ft of range. Mobile operators must have the ability to just unpack and play. A mobile operator does not have time to hunt and search for internet and wifi to conduct awesome parties.

Critical for Mobile Operators!
The software has a full, auto-storing software feature for programming and saved games, allowing you to, “close and go” to your next location and just, “open and play” at your new destination.

The software is password protected allowing you to play without staff adjusting your features. After the system is programmed the owner can lock in settings and taggers in gameplay so employees can only start or end game. A manager password is needed to access and change settings and preset games.

This software feature allows you to ping each tagger and get the taggers’ live status. This includes tagger name, settings, id number, actual player name, team, battery status, and what group the tagger is currently assigned too.

The software has holding areas called Groups. Multiple Groups can be active and playing simultaneous games allowing you to control various battles or battlefields at the same time, allowing you incredible flexibility.

The groups can be privately named and saved to whatever name you choose.

The group can have up to 4 separate teams in it.

Each group has dedicated referee commands to control this single group of taggers. These include New Game, End game, Micro Group Ping for status checks on all taggers.

Rf self-diagnostic check to make sure RF is fully functional in each tagger or the entire group.

Each group also has control of an independent monitor for Live Scoring and Final Score
Screens with a drop-down menu to select each screen type or both if applicable.

Each group has a separate command area for their combat team. (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie or Delta) Each team command area has the names of all of the taggers, names or player names, and the tagger number for easy identification, and status indicators that show what prebuilt game is currently selected.

The battery level and status of each tagger is displayed next to each tagger name. Allowing you to see what your taggers battery levels are in real time with no surprises that can lead to costly refunds and poor reviews.

Teams can are by color and within each group, toggled individually or as a group to turn on or off to receive independent commands

Each player or all players can be assigned special classes like:

  • Medic which has a particular timed self-heal and Healing Shot that can heal other players.
  • Tank which can put a level Armor that mitigates damage from other players based on the armor
  • Infantry where players get a timed sniper one shot one kill round every 30 seconds and a
    self-heal over 20 seconds added to the already powerful pro battle rifle.

Each player’s weapons can be preassigned or have special weapons pre-populated into the game.

Players can be assigned as a Rookie, Veteran or Elite level player with bonus or restrictions to help balance play and make it fun for all.

More Features

Audible confirmation every time you hit or kill another player, allowing immersive gameplay just like your favorite video games.

Any tagger can instantly become a Player Gun, Referee Control Gun (RCG), or Master Game Controller (MGC). Simplifying your business and reducing your startup costs. 

Software so powerful and userfriendly, a 12-year-old can operate every aspect of the game, giving you the freedom and flexibility to generate a once in a lifetime gaming experience.

Real-time scoring, just like the videos games. Check hits, kills, ammo, accuracy, who’s winning, team lives, team deaths and many more featurepacked stats, both on the guns and the game kiosks live as you work to accomplish your mission!

Revolution has the power to change any tagger at any time for improved game balance. The Referee Mode has features like Stealth Kill, Weapons Jam, or Stun so instant team balancing can be subtle while protecting the overall experience. 

Thousands of guns and game types can be configured and broadcasted to the battlefield in seconds, limited only by your creativity.  Powerful programming allows you to save your favorites and transmit them to any player, team or battlefield with a simple radio command.

Every ASHQ tagger can be managed before, during, and after the game by being switched to Edit Mode or Referee Control Mode, giving you the power to change any variable of gameplay, and all the Referee tools to manage the missions.

Ingame Kill Streaks announced on your gun! Truly immersive and enhances the overall gaming experience. 

Allows you to toggle your equipment from Real Mil-Sim (military simulation) to Video Game Play with the click of a button on the Game Master Controller. Many younger people love the hit feedback and kill streaks, but hardcore Mil-Sim lovers prefer the game to be as real as it can get. Arcade Mode gives you the best of both worlds. Arcade mode allows you to utilize the kill streaks feature with in-game messaging both by sound or display. The message can be configured for kids or adults. When a player is eliminated, the tagger gives instant hit feedback. As you eliminate players, points are earned. Arcade Mode is impressive and fully immersive, just like your favorite video games.

ASHQ night mode allows players to enjoy a fun and interactive game without having to worry about getting lost in the dark. Players where headsets with sensors that pulse quickly at full health, and as health levels decrease, the headset will strobe at a slower rate, improving the chances of survival. 

ASHQ Zombie Mode Live is a fully interactive and immersive gaming experience. Players use locators to find their way to checkpoints while avoiding being eaten by three unique types of zombies. Players can level up their weapon as they reach checkpoints and defeat interlinked and fully automated sentry pods that shoot back. When the sentry pods are deactivated, players will receive powered up weapons until they are disabled and have to go back to the Medic Respawn Station. The entire game allows interactive, nonlinear gameplay on massive battlefields or sets all with live scoring!

Adventure Sports HQ Laser Tag equipment is an entirely self-contained gaming system, meaning everything you need to run an incredible gaming system is right inside the gun. Designed by some of the best engineers in the industry, our equipment has a powerful 8-core processor propelling every weapon matched with a superpowered RF radio. Our system is revolutionary and simple solution to power up your business

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