Starting a Mobile Laser Tag Business

  • 80% are Mobile Laser Tag Businesses

Starting a Mobile Laser Tag Business makes Sense.

Mobile Laser Tag is a business model where you take your laser tag equipment to an offsite location. The operator facilitates a series of small skirmish battles over a set period. The average mobile laser tag operation generates between $250-$500 for a two-hour event.

The big advantage of starting a mobile laser tag business is the much lower capital investment. If you have a phone, a car, and some laser Tag Equipment – you are in business!  Obviously, there are a few other things you will have to do.  Depending on the state and area you are in, you will probably need to get a Tax ID for sales tax. If you are going to be hiring employees, you will want a Federal Employee Identification Number. (FEIN or EIN)

Starting a Laser tag business on location
Mobile laser tag comes to you.

Considerations for Starting your laser tag business.

Additionally, it is a good idea to secure liability insurance, and you may even want coverage on your equipment as well. Then, of course, a well-made web page and Social Media Campaign will help drive business to your door. One of the advantages of starting your Mobile Laser Tag Business through Adventure Sports HQ is we know all the ins and outs of this model. Be sure to read through our articles on The Basics of the Mobile Laser Tag. If you need help finding insurance, we have people that we work with. Need a web page created? We have someone for that too. Need online reservations and waivers? No problem we have you covered.

Some of our largest facility customers started their laser tag business with just a few guns and a mobile laser tag business model.

Box of Laser Tag Guns

Pickup or Drop off Laser Tag Mobile Parties

Many of our mobile customers also offer a drop-off or pick up mobile laser tag option. Our equipment so intuitive, with just a few minutes of training, anyone can take the guns and start playing laser tag.

This model means you don’t even have to have the labor cost and you get to provide an experience in laser tag that people can enjoy in their back yard, their office, or the local park.

This also allows you to have multiple sets that could be rented in any given day, without a large labor force that would have to stay at the events. If you have a small retail or warehouse location, you can also let the customers drive in and pick up their equipment.

A wise man once said...

You will get 1000 chances to under expand your business. You only get to over expand once.

Many of our customers started out with a mobile laser tag business with a dozen guns they had to scrimp to purchase.  Then within a month or so, bought 6 more, then another 12, then 24, and on and on.  Several years later they grew into a large facility operation and had 3 mobile laser tag setups running at the same time.

Our job is to make sure we give you the knowledge and tools you need to create a profitable business for years to come.

Starting a Laser Tag Business can show Profits Quickly