What separates Adventure Sports HQ from the rest of the laser tag industry is our simple business model, industry leading warranty, customer service, and our no interest financing options.


“Unpack and Play” is our business motto. This is how easy it should be for you to run your business after you’ve arrived at your event. You should be able to unpack your laser taggers and battle props, prepare your customers for the experience, and then PLAY! With Adventure Sports HQ laser taggers and equipment, you will never need internet, wi-fi technology, Bluetooth, or a computer.

The more parts and technology required, the more there is that can go wrong. Have a successful business with minimal equipment and no headaches.


At Adventure Sports HQ, we know that if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. Partner with a company that answers the phone 7 days a week! We know that our customers’ busiest days are Saturday and Sunday, which is why our toll free number transfers all calls on the weekend and after hours during the week to a number of staff members’ cell phones. If you can’t troubleshoot a problem on your own before your big event, we are here to help!


Every laser tagger from Adventure Sports HQ comes with a lifetime warranty on the shell, as well as a 4-year warranty on all internal parts. The warranty is the standard by which each company holds themselves responsible. Why partner with a company that is so un-confident in their product that they only offer warranty for 6-12 months? Your business will only be in its early stages at that point.

It’s after the first 12 months that your equipment will really start to be tested for its durability and reliability. We are confident in our product, because we make everything in house! What does this mean for you? Besides the fact that you are getting a product made from an American quality materials, if you ever need a repair or want to make additional purchases, you will not have to wait for a part or piece of equipment to ship from China. No customs. No waiting. Just quality delivered on time!

Lastly, work with a company that helps you start your business by extending you our no interest financing offer! Many people can’t afford to purchase their equipment, pay for marketing, hire staff, etc., right from the start, and Adventure Sports HQ understands this. Never work with a company that asks you to pay for your entire order before you’ve even received the product. Make money from your business while making payments!

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Lewisville, TX 75057
(855) 824-8422

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