Questions about laser tag equipment

Your Laser Tag Questions Answered

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Confused about laser tag equipment? We're here to help!

Before someone starts a laser tag business, they normally have a lot of questions about the equipment that we make. Here are some of the most common questions about our laser tag equipment. Feel free to reach out if you have more!

All Adventure Sports HQ Laser tag equipment is American Engineered and Designed.

All source code and programmers are 100% in-house employees that only work for Adventure Sports HQ Laser tag equipment. This mindset protects our field stability and business future. We realize no code…. no business.

We alpha test our new code and updates at high volume laser tag facilities and then send out the Beta code to our Beta Test fields. Ensuring code is ready to go and near bug-free instead of using our active field owners as guinea pigs!

Adventure Sports HQ is patent pending on a game-changing technology called over the air radio programming. We are the only system in the world that can reprogram any and all taggers by only turning the taggers on and hitting a button. No need to have crazy software plugins and hours of switching cables and keeping track of what tagger has had what done to it. We just activate, hit a button and each tagger loads over the radio and reports back when finished with its success status code and then making it ready to play! This is a massive game changer allowing us more features and upgrades without risking our field partners. One button and the programming is all done!

No, Adventure Sports HQ spent several years designing a platform that allowed us to use a new technology called mesh networking over the radio that allows us to use Radio (RF) to control and transmit all game data through each tagger. This is done by simply turning on each tagger and letting them link together over a few seconds. This makes Adventure Sports HQ lead the world in reliability and simplicity by having all the bells and whistles without messing with the nightmare of Wifi and having to hunt and peck for a stable internet signal if one is even available.

ASHQ having over 15 years of design and manufacturing experience uses the K.I.S.S. (Keep it stupid simple) design methodology in our laser tag equipment! We design so a 15-year-old can run the entire system with less than 15 minutes of training!

ASHQ has over 15 years designing and making equipment.

ASHQ has sold well over 20,000 taggers and 10,000 props, game boxes, and supplies.

We have sold to every continent except Antarctica. We have support centers in the UK, Spain, France, Mexico, Australia and are adding more every year. These centers can help with Sales, Operations, and Repairs. Allowing you to continue to operate your business without having to rely solely on the main ASHQ Headquarters.

ASHQ is the only company to offer a 5-year limited warranty.

Our warranty covers everything for five years except the Radio, Batteries, Scope, and Sensors. These are items that we cover for 90 days which generally only break through abuse. Each item is fairly cost-effective to replace if broken. All other items are fully covered.

No, we encourage you to open and repair your own tagger when they have an issue that needs attention.

Simple if a part breaks or stops working. Call or send us an email and we will send you the part or parts and you fix your equipment and send us the defective or broken parts back.

Absolutely just drop it in the mail to Adventure Sports HQ and we will triage and repair the tagger and send it to you how you request for it to be shipped.

You the field owner pays all shipping. We provide the parts without full verification and provide free labor to repair if you send to ASHQ for a gun repair. We do the fix and you pay to get it here and back in a timely manner.

ASHQ has long term vendor relationships that vary from making specific parts and harness directly for ASHQ to vendors that source for ASHQ using our Engineers specs and requirements needed to produce the quality level or parts used in all ASHQ Taggers.

The Great State of Texas! ASHQ equipment is professionally assembled in- house with a dedicated QA process and tested in  Texas.

Yes ASHQ will 100% replace any broken or abused tagger body within reason from abuse or constant use.

Yes, Adventure Sports HQ takes pride in our status as a Veteran owned company and even going one step further preferring to work with small business vendors who also have Veteran-Owned businesses.

ASHQ offers full onsite OJT training for free every month and has a 24/7 access hotline for emergencies usually available.