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Mobile Laser Tag business

This is a business model where you take your laser tag equipment to an offsite location. The operator facilitates a series of small skirmish battles over a set period. Eighty percent of all laser tag businesses globally are mobile laser tag operations. The average mobile laser tag operation generates between $250-$500 for a two-hour event.


Fixed Laser Tag Business

This is a business model where laser tag equipment is kept on location in a fixed indoor facility or outdoor battlefield. Missions are played on prebuilt indoor or outdoor battlefields that can facilitate battles between 15-150 players. The average revenue per player per day can range from $25-$50.  


Drive and Drop Business

This is a business model where you take your equipment and drop it off at a set location for a short period. This laser tag business model does not have a facilitator and allows the business owners to drop off several kits of gear and generate multiple sources of revenue. The drive and drop business model is a more hands-off operation that is very similar to the inflatable rental business.