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About Adventure Sports HQ

Laser Tag Opportunity
  • Family based businesses are growing at an explosive pace
  • Our Business Models have the ability to generate great profit potential
  • Perfect Part time or Full Time business opportunity
  • Video games like Halo and Call of Duty are driving the Live Action Gaming market like no other business in history
  • Imagine having fun and total business freedom to work around your schedule

What is Outdoor Laser Tag
  • Outdoor Laser Tag is similar to paintball without the pain, bruises or projectiles.
  • Outdoor Laser Tag can be played from 4 years old and up!
  • Outdoor Laser Tag is just like playing your favorite video game in real life.
  • Outdoor Laser Tag uses scenarios or missions that allow for a focus on team-building and problem-solving.
  • Outdoor Laser Tag utilizes durable equipment that makes play possible almost anywhere.
  • Outdoor Laser Tag can be even played indoors in office buildings, churches and schools. Our equipment doesn’t have to be used outdoors only.
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